About the Author

I grew up in country Western Australia and from as young as I can remember I always had a keen interest in every type of sport from AFL to Archery to Ice Curling.

I played Hockey as my main sport as a child, however also had a run at many other sports including AFL, Cricket, Mixed Netball, Swimming, Athletics, and even Lawn Bowls just to name a few.

The team I was most passionate about was the West Coast Eagles. One of my proudest moments was watching the Eagles win the 2006 AFL Grand Final after narrowly losing the year before to Sydney Swans by 4 pts.

In late 2012 I moved to the East Coast of Australia, this is when I discovered my love for NRL. The Club I’m most passionate about are the Gold Coast Titans.

One of the main reasons I decided to start my own blog is because I can never seem to get enough of discussing sport. Rather than boring everyone around me I decided to write down my thoughts and opinions for other sports lover like myself to read.

Although sometimes I can be a little ‘one eyed’ towards my favourite clubs, I will do my best to write my blog posts with an open mind and minimal favouritism.

Hope you enjoy reading my posts and I look forward to reading your feedback…